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Justin Trudeau Contact Address, Telephone Number, Email ID, Website

If you are looking for contact details of Justin Trudeau, contact number of Justin Trudeau, office address of Justin Trudeau, email id of Justin Trudeau, then you are at right page. Here we are providing you with all the personal and office contact details of Justin Trudeau including his residence address, office address, phone number, email id, official website URL, Facebook fan page and other social media profiles.

Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada since November 2015. Justin Trudeau is the elder son of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr Pierre Trudeau. He is the elder son of Pierre Trudeau and after Joe Clark, he is the second youngest Prime Minister. Justin Pierre James Trudeau commonly known as Justin Trudeau belongs to Liberal Party. He is working on Queens Privy Council for Canada and House of Commons of Canada groups. He was born in Ottawa on December 25, 1971, to Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair. Justin married Sophie Gregoire in 2005 and they both have three children. Family members of Justin Trudeau are also popular in their areas as his maternal grandfather is a Canadian Politician and his grandfather is a famous entrepreneur.

Justin completed his graduation in 1994 from McGill University and in 1998 from University of British Columbia. Justin Trudeau supports Liberal Party from a very young age and entered politics after 8 years of his fathers death. He also worked to represent the riding of Papineau elected in Federal elections of 2008. He was also elected as the critic for youth and multiculturism for Liberal Party in 2009 and after that holds the leadership of Liberal Party in April 2013, where his work led the party to win 184 seats. Check out the official contact details of Justin Trudeau below.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Personal Contact Details

Justin Trudeau Residence Address: Rideau Cottage, Hall, 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada

Justin Trudeau Personal Phone Number: N/A

Justin Trudeau Mobile Number: N/A

Justin Trudeau Email ID: N/A

Justin Trudeau WhatsApp Number: N/A

Justin Trudeau Office Contact Details

Office Address Contact Number Fax Number Email ID
House of Commons (Hill Office) House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0A6 613-995-0253 613-947-0310 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
House of Commons (Constituency Office) 1100 Crmazie East (Main Office) Suite 220 Montral, Quebec H2P 2X2 514-277-6020 514-277-3454 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
Prime Minister of Canada Office Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 613-941-6900 N/A N/A
Party Office Liberal Party of Canada 350 Albert Street, Suite 920 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M8 1 888 LIBERAL (542-3725); 1-888-542-3725 assistance@liberal.ca 613.235.7208

Office contact details of Justin Trudeau including both House of Commons of Canada hill office & constituency office, Prime Minister of Canada office and Liberal Party office are mentioned above. All of these contact details can be used to get in touch with the staff members of Justins offices.

Justin Trudeau Official Website: pm.gc.ca

This is the official website of the Prime Minister of Canada and handed over to the every newly appointed Prime Minister. All the details related to the Prime Ministers office, ministries, departments and their policies are mentioned on this official website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/JustinPJTrudeau

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/JustinTrudeau

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/justinpjtrudeau

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/pmocpm

Pinterest: N/A

LinkedIn Profile: ca.linkedin.com/in/justintrudeau

Google+ Profile: N/A

Subscribe the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada on social networking websites through these links to get latest updates.

Important Links

Party Website: liberal.ca
This is the official website link of the party of Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party.

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    Thanks for an early reply,
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    No: 20/09, C, Mahawattha Thihariya
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