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Ike Awgu is a famous lawyer and politician in Canada. He was born on October 14, 1983, in Ottawa, Canada. He spent his early days in the west of Ottawa and got his early education from Sir Robert Borden High School. He studied at Carleton University. He received a law degree from Queen’s University in 2008. After receiving his degree, he begins his career at the Toronto Bay Street Law Firm. He is also a member of several law organizations including the Law Society of Upper Canada. Ike Awgu hosted several shows. He also hosted the X-Factor. He wrote editorial columns in many newspapers including Ottawa Sun and Globe and Mail. Currently, he mainly focuses on civil litigation in Ottawa and Toronto. He provides services for real estate and business law.
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About/Wiki Ike Awgu

Ike Awgu Full Name  Ike Jonathan Awgu
Ike Awgu DOB  October 14, 1983

Ike Awgu was born on October 14, 1983, in Ottawa, Canada. His full name is Ike Jonathan Awgu.

What are the Phone Numbers of Ike Awgu?

Ike Awgu Personal Phone Number  n/a
Ike Awgu Personal Whatsapp Number  n/a
Ike Awgu Mobile Number  n/a
Ike Awgu Office Phone Numbers  416 785 6074 (Toronto)
613 566 7031 (Ottawa)
Ike Awgu Fax Number  613 566 7003

The official phone numbers of Ike has been given above. You can use these numbers to contact him and his team members.

What are the Email IDs of Ike Awgu?

Ike Awgu Personal Email ID  n/a
Ike Awgu Office Email ID  [email protected]

Here is the way that will directly help you in connecting with Ike Awgu. Use the above email address and send your messages to him.

What are the Contact Addresses of Ike Awgu?

Ike Awgu Residence Address  Ottawa, Canada
Ike Awgu Ottawa Office Address  85 Albert Street, Suite 1505 Ottawa,   ON K1P 6A4 (Main Office)
Ike Awgu Toronto Office Address  2 Bloor Street West, Suite 1902,   Toronto, ON M4W 3R1

Ike Awgu lives in Ottawa, Canada. People can send their parcel, gift, and mail to his office. His office addresses are mentioned above.
Ike Awgu Official Website: awgu.ca
Get more details about Ike Awgu from his official website. You will get more details about him and his work from there.

Social Media Profiles of Ike Awgu

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/ikeawgulaw
Twitter Handle  n/a
Instagram Handle  n/a
YouTube Channel  n/a
Snapchat ID  n/a

Ike Awgu is only available on Facebook. You can follow him on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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