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Andrew James Scheer is a famous Canadian politician. He is the current leader of the Conservative party of Canada. In the past, he has been the member of parliament since the year of 2004. He was the speaker of the house of commons from the year of 2011 to the year of 2015. Andrew James was the youngest ever speaker in the history of Canadian politics. He announced his bid for the leadership of Conservative party and became its leader on May 27, 2017.
Andrew James Scheer was born on May 20, 1979, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He graduated from Immaculata High School and he completed his graduation in History and Politics at the University of Ottawa. He worked in the department of Office of the Leader of the Opposition during his study at the University. Later, he moved to Regina and pursued his BA from the University of Regina. James was elected as the leader of the opposition in the house of commons by Rona Ambrose who was the Leader of official opposition. His election campaign was run under the slogan of “Real Conservative, Real Leader.”
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Andrew Scheer Personal Contact Details

Andrew Scheer Residence Address: n/a
Andrew Scheer WhatsApp number: n/a
Andrew Scheer Email Id: n/a
Andrew Scheer Personal Mobile Number:n/a
Andrew Scheer Fax Number:n/a

Currently, there are no personal contact details available for Andrew Scheer. We shall update this article in future as soon as we get hold of the official and verified personal contact details.

Andrew Scheer Office Contact Details

Andrew Scheer Office Address:984 A Albert Street, Regina SK S4R 2P
Andrew Scheer Office Phone Number: 1 306 790-4727
Andrew Scheer Office Fax Number: n/a
Andrew Scheer Office Email Id: [email protected]
These are the official office contact details of Andrew Scheer. You can use them to get in touch with him for your various matter.

Andrew Scheer Official Website: n/a

He currently does not have any official website. You can use his office address, his social media profiles to contact him.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter Handle:
Instagram Handle:
YouTube Channel: n/a
Pinterest: n/a
LinkedIn Profile: n/a
Google+ Profile: n/a
You can use these link to his official social profiles to reach him through the social media. These are verified accounts of James on various social networking websites.

Important Links

Party Website:
You can use this link to reach the official page of Andrew Scheer’s party website.

16 thoughts on “Andrew Scheer Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website

  1. Good morning Andrew; I am a strong believer in the PC party and have been all my life. I think it is criminal how Justin is running this country into the ground. I would like to give you a little tip, when you are in question period you must put on a John Baird face, you have a little smirk on your face and it don’t look very intimidating , you need to be a little more demanding to get your very good questions answered by the Libs. and all they do is dance around the question. I would like to see you get gruff enough to make that Immature little kid cry, and start answering for his crooked dealings and pissing away our tax dollars Thx

    1. Dear Andrew Sheer,
      Good for you today in the House for whats going on with the protesting in Bellville etc. Im livid with Trudeau I cant stand the kid hes got to go hes nakibng Canada a laughing stock with the way were being railroaded with these Activists. Trudeau is the biggest clown with alot of things we need to finally nail this guy somehow to get him and his crownies clean house completely. We have to get back in society stop this socialist B.S put unions to the extent to order teachers back to work. This country is going all to hell and the Red has caused all this turmoil.
      Bob Wilson

  2. I e-mailed you before asking you this question Do all members of parliament have a security check by the R.C.M.P.? if not– why not
    Why should I vote for any party that has not be security cleared.

  3. How much money is enough for one person. Mr. Morneau is still Finance Minister after his exhibition of deceipt, greed and lack of integrity. I am a pensioner, am I expected to have respect for this man or to have faith that he will conduct himself with the best interests of Canadians in mind, with respect to his portfolio. I may be getting on in years but this is beyond the pale. Nobody can be expected to have faith and confidence in a guy that would litterally take financial liberties out on seniors, who have limited financial security to begin with, all to enrich himself. Please sir, raise this issue because he does not deserve the position…he should be forced to step down/resign. I begrudge the fact that he is referred to as the Right Honourable…disgusting!!!

  4. Dear Mr. Scheer: on Facebook there is a picture of Justin Trudeau and a Muslim friend wearing sweatshirts that show the Last supper of Jesus and apostles. The sweatshirt has the faces of Jesus and the apostles covered with emojis. The is so offensive to Christians. And so disrespectful. How dare the prime minister of Canada show such contempt for Christians. Please address this issue.

  5. Mr. Scheer
    Are taxes paying for the P.M. to travel for townhall meetings, while
    parliament is in session.
    Who pays for his personal photographer, that submits film to the
    TV networks when they are not present.
    Thank you and look forward to your leadership.

  6. Dear Mr. Scheer and all Conservatives, I really wish we were hearing a lot more about all the things you must be doing. Is it not time that you all go to the Govenor General and ask that these out of control Liberals be brought down before they totally destroy our Canada and put us so far in debt that we will not ever get out, I look at Venezuela, are we soon to be in that position. Mr. Harper had a terrible time with the socialists in our government, but was working honestly and to the greater benefit of all Canadians, I am old, But Mr. Harper was the first prime minister in my life I had total respect for, they say you are like him, so I am hoping that you will save Canada and I cannot believe that Canadians are so Stupid that they really voted for these horrible Liberal people, how ever did he get in?

  7. I would like to set up a meeting with Mr.Sheer to discuss our future with Mr. Sheer as priminister. I would also like to hear his overall look at what is our future if nothing changes. I look forward to meeting Mr.Sheer.
    Thank you in advance
    Randy Ruggles
    Houston Oil

  8. Mr. Sheer and all your supporters Myself and my partner (female) are in total support for you and the future of our Canada! I will donate to your party and will contact a local office and provide the front of my property for the biggest sign on a busy road to support YOUR WIN. You have no corruption, you have not lied, your honest, and have good communications skills NO umms duhs or awws in your televised speeches, wonderful keep up the great work and Canada we believe is behind honesty and Integrity! Doug on Vancouver Island

  9. It’s too Bad, you have to be branded by everyone who attends a rally, but wasn’t it Mr. Trudeau who has preached ” Every One is Included” No Racism, for anyone will be tolerated. WOW, so when he invites A man to India who was accused of assassination That was alright??

  10. how do you expect us to vote for you if u have no way to contact u i really dont think u care about canadians u would sooner let trudy win again

  11. I would like to speak with you on the WCB changes that took effect last year and how they are impacting the employer. I can be reached at 780-237-2870

  12. i am a vet what are u going to do forus old age people my wife and i need dental work but cannot affordit she cries to sleep because when we turned 65all our benifits were cut we cant afford the prices on old age what will you do for us and all the others on old age as far as dental and glasses

  13. Some suggestions to include in Mr. Sheer’s platform before campaign time runs out:
    (1) Do not let the Liberals get away with crazy statements such as “carbon pollution” . CARBON IS NOT A POLLUTANT. Carbon (C) is essential for life on Earth. Why? Because without C there will be no PHOTOSYNTHESIS and thus, NO LIFE ON EARTH. Without photosynthesis, there will be NO production of food; NO PLANT BIOMASS… and NO OXYGEN GAS for OUR ATMOSPHERE.
    (2) PLEASE SUPPORT the T F S A programs. Canadians and permanent residents should be encouraged to maximize their Annual TFSA contributions.

  14. We are building 4 ice breakers and yet the ice is melting.( Global Warming?? Soon there will be no ice as Russia are building 24 ice breakers and China is also contributing to breaking ice.There is a reason for the ice to be there to cool the ocean water. Why is the ice being broken when it is melting? For the ships ? Oil? Cities on the seashore are putting hot water and sewage into the ocean which must add water warming causing climate change, Probably billions of gallons a day.When you speak about bringing power from the East to the West I thought about the thousands of birds being killed by the wind powered generators (whirlybirds)The inland birds are being destroyed whereas the birds over water are gaining population. Our bats are also being killed of which keep our insects under control. In 1998 while I was in Granville Island I witnessed barges full of garbage bags of which were being shipped to open sea ( ? Being dumped into our ocean waters) As for saving our trees I had taken apart 2 chesterfields that would normally go to the dump and found the lumber to look brand new. If we reused the lumber in these items millions of trees could be saved and people that are being laid off from the lumber industry could start rebuilding furniture. Please do not hesitate to email myself if I have not explained myself clearly.

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