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Rogers is a leading telecommunications industry of Canada. In today’s technical world, there are many products and services that are being regularly adopted by everyone. So a company named as Rogers Communications was established in 1960. Rogers is a group that operates its services across the globe but its main headquarters are located at Ontario, Canada.

Rogers Communications provides a wide range of products and services all over the nation. Rogers provides internet services, broadband, Television, home phones, home monitoring and many other services. Different wireless plans and wireless devices are provided by Rogers. Basically, we can say that Rogers provides various products and services that will connect you with the outside world.

On visiting the website of Rogers, you will see various products and services listed there. You can get data plans details, other offers, price or plans, products and other details on their site. If you are availing the Rogers services like using wireless services, internet, television plans and other services, then you can get bills details, usage details and also make payments there.

Customers of Rogers who are using the services of Rogers may have some queries regarding their data plans, calling features, small business, enterprise or others. You will get supporting contact details of Rogers customer service and head office. For making calls, use Rogers’s customer service phone number, Rogers head office phone number. For submitting your queries, you can use Rogers email ID and Rogers contact page shared below.

We have posted Rogers office address also. Rogers social media accounts and other links are posted below. Find the store of Rogers at your place using the Rogers Store locator link available at important links section. The other alternative companies other than these telecommunication companies are the Telus communications, Lionsgate, BBC Kids, Bell Canada, Look Communications, Nortel, Omineca Cablevision, SaskTel, Shopify, Shaw Communications, Telus etc.

Rogers Customer Support Contact Details

Rogers Customer Support Address: 1 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto, Ont. M5Y 2Y5

Rogers Customer Support Contact Number

Department Phone numbers
Customer Service 1 855 381-7834
International calls 1 416 935-5555 INTL, 1 888 764-3772 US
Cantonese/Mandarin 1 800 787-7953
Pay As You GoTM 1 800 575-9090
Text to 40019

Rogers Customer Support Email Id:  N/A

For general queries regarding your billing and payment details, you can call them on listed phone number. Customer service address given above is for those who want to send letters or mail to them.

Rogers Head Office Contact Details

Rogers Head Office Address: 333 Bloor Street East, 10th Floor Toronto, ON M4W 1G9 Canada

Rogers Head Office Contact Number: 416-935-7777

Rogers Head Office Email ID: N/A

Rogers Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

Head office address of Rogers is shared up. You can also make calls on the listed phone number. For other supporting contact details of other department, use contact link available below.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8 am to Midnight EST

Saturday:8 am to 11 pm EST

Sunday & Bank Holidays8 am to 11 pm EST

Customer service is given from 7am until midnight. You can call them anytime. Other shopping services and supporting services are provided 24*7.

Official Website: rogers.com/consumer/home

You can do al the task such as checking data plans, get pricing details, see your billing details, data usage, make payments and many more on their official website. Above link will directly lead you to the site of Rogers.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/Rogers

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Rogers

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/rogers-communications/?originalSubdomain=in

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+Rogers

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/rogers/?hl=en

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/RogersCanada

Follow all the social media accounts of Rogers and get updates from their team. All latest offers, packages, deals and other details are posted on these handles.

Important Links

Store Locator: rogers.com/web/content/store-locator
You will be able to find the stores of Rogers at your location with the help of listed store locator link.

FAQ Section: rogers.com/consumer/support
For customer support, Rogers offers FAQ page service. You can search all the questions that are arising in your mind.

Careers: jobs.rogers.com
Get details of vacant jobs or seats in any department of Rogers. All the details are timely published by the team of Rogers.

Contact us: rogers.com/consumer/support/contactus
For other contact details of each department or other country phone numbers, you can visit the shared Rogers contact page.


GardaWorld is one of the largest security services providing company of Canada. It is a multinational company that provides various business solutions and other services along with complete security package. GardaWorld is a company of Canada so its headquarters are also situated in Montreal, Canada. GardaWorld has its roots from 1984 and providing security and protection services since then.

GardaWorld provides various cash services, staffing services, and security services to its clients. As everything is getting modernized by using the latest technologies.  We are doing cashless transactions but somehow we have the fear of doing these transactions. So GardaWorld provides various services regarding cash services. These include armored truck transport, cash vault services, ATM services and client portal.

Security services that are provided by GardaWorld includes physical security like airports, loss prevention, mobile securities, security guards, fire protection etc. various security products and services proved by GardaWorld are CCTV cameras, Access control, road flagging, roadside assistance etc. you can get more details about GardaWorld on visiting their official website. Sectors in which GardaWorld offer its services are airports, commercial properties, defense, education, hotels, federal services and many more.

Interested ones, who want to know more details about the products and services offered by GardaWorld can visit their official website and get any details from there. For further details, you can use GardaWorld FAQ link. Find job details under GardaWorld career link. Contact them using GardaWorld customer service phone number or GardaWorld email ID.

Otherwise, contact official staff using GardaWorld head office address, GardaWorld office phone number, GardaWorld office email ID Find them using GardaWorld location link shared below. These are along with the short description as well.

GardaWorld Customer Support Contact Details

GardaWorld Customer Support Address: N/A

GardaWorld Customer Support Contact Number: +1 514 281 2811

GardaWorld Customer Support Email ID: N/A

Customers can make calls to the supporting department of GardaWorld with the help of contact number shared above or submit your queries in the message box given at contact page (Link available at the end of post).

GardaWorld Head Office Contact Details

GardaWorld Head Office Address: 1390 Barre Street Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 1N4

GardaWorld Head Office Contact Number: +1 514 281 2811

GardaWorld Head Office Email ID: N/A

GardaWorld Head Office Fax Number: N/A

The main headquarters of GardaWorld is set up at Montreal, Canada. If you have any matters that you only want to share with the officials, then visit their office.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: N/A

Saturday: N/A

Sunday & Bank Holidays: N/A

Get meeting timing details from the customer service department of GardaWorld.

Official Website: garda.com

The above-mentioned link would directly lead you to the official website of GardaWorld. You can visit there and check the company’s security systems, its services, products and sectors details.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/gardaworld

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/GardaWorld

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/gardaworld-

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCJJwrV5HyqkwUrsyGuNjmvA

Official social accounts of GardaWorldare posted above. If you are interested in getting updates from their team then you can subscribe to these channels.

Important Links

Location: garda.com/locations
Find the stores or office of GardaWorld at your location. The listed link will help you to locate them.

FAQ Section: N/A
FAQ page will give answers to frequent questions of customers. Unluckily, this page is not available.

Careers: garda.com/careers-can?geolocate=true
Join the team of GardaWorld by finding vacant job details in this industry. If you think your capabilities meet, the requirements of GardaWorld then apply for those jobs.

Contact us: garda.com/contact
GardaWorld email ID is not available. If you want to send your queries then this is the only platform for submitting your queries to the team of GardaWorld.


Canadian Tire Corporation is a well-known retailing company of Canada. This company has its footsteps in Canada since 1922. There were two partners named as John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes, who founded this company in Toronto. It is a public listed company whose main head quarters are situated in Ontario, Canada. It has cover almost 1702 locations by providing its products and services in different mall and stores.

Canadian Tire Corporation mainly deals in the sports and leisure, automotive and home appliances. They offer wide range of products in different categories. In automotive category, it offers car seats, accessories, tires and wheels, cars electronics etc. While in sports, it offers bikes, camping, fishing, water sports, hunting and many more gaming products whose details are given on their website. Canadian Tire also offers various home appliances such as furniture, kitchen appliances, cleaning vacuums etc. see these items on the website of Canadian Tire Corporation.

You can also buy products online and make payments via different payment methods. Many well-known brands are working with this corporation like Lagostina, Mastercraft, Michelin, Cancas, Coleman, Bissel and many more. Near about 58,000 employees are currently working with this organization This company also offers return policy to customers. You can return the products within 90 days from the purchasing date of product.

As we have mentioned earlier that this retailing company has number of stores and offers variety of products. So there are number of customers who usually buy products from this company or planning to buy products may have some queries. If you want to get some details about any products, mode of payment, return policy or any other, you can contact their customer service provider and their head office. Also access various useful links of the website of Canadian Tire Corporation in below section.

In this article, we have shared Canadian Tire Corporation phone number, Canadian Tire Corporation customer service email ID, customer service fax number, Canadian Tire Corporation head office address, Canadian Tire Corporation address, head office phone number,Canadian Tire Corporation head office email ID, head office fax number etc.

Canadian Tire Corporation Customer Service Contact Details
Canadian Tire Corporation Logo

Canadian Tire Corporation Customer Service Contact Number: 1-866-SHOP-CTR (1-866-746-7287)

Canadian Tire Corporation Customer Service Email ID: N/A

Customer supporting executives of Canadian Tire Corporation will solve queries regarding shipping details, online payment, return policy or any other product. You can discuss your matter by contacting them on shared number.

Canadian Tire Corporation Head Office Contact Details

Canadian Tire Corporation Head Office Address: 2180 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4P 2V8

Canadian Tire Corporation Head Office Contact Number: 1-800-387-8803

Canadian Tire Corporation Head Office Email ID: N/A

Above listed address is the official head quarters address of Canadian Tire Corporation. You can visit their head office or contact them for any queries.

Official Website: www.canadiantire.ca/en.html

People who want to buy products from the store and malls can visit the website of Canadian Tire Corporation by following the given link. There you will get more details about their policies, products, shipping orders and other.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/Canadiantire

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/canadiantire

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/canadian-tire

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+canadiantire

Pinterest: pinterest.ca/canadiantire

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/canadiantire/?hl=en

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/canadiantire

If you want to get updates on your phone about the off sales, discounts or any deals offered by Canadian Tire Corporation, then you can follow them on social media.

Important Links

Return Policy: canadiantire.ca/en/customer-service/returns.html#returnpolicy

If you buy any product but you are not satisfied with their quality or for any reason, you can return the product. For these details, visit the above page.

Locations: corp.canadiantire.ca/about-us/locations/default.aspx

If you want to find the stores of Canadian Tire Corporation in your area then this link will help you to locate the nearby store.

FAQ’s: canadiantire.ca/en/customer-service/faq.html

People having any type of queries may find their solutions on the FAQ page of Canadian Tire Corporation which is listed above.

Careers: careers.canadiantire.ca/English/careers/default.aspx

Job related details are mentioned on this career page. Those who are interested in this Canadian tire corporation will get some useful details there.

Contact us: canadiantire.ca/en/customer-service/contact-us.html

For other departmental contact details, the above link will help you to find these details.


Toronto Transit Commission is a public transport company of Canada. This company provides various types of transportation services to the residents of Canada. TTC is a daily working company that has number of buses, streetcars, subways and paratransit services in city of Toronto. The areas covered by Toronto Transit Commission are Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, and Vaughan. Official head office of Toronto Transit Commission is situated at Toronto (Address given below).

Toronto Transit Commission is one of the oldest transportation companies of Toronto. It was founded in 1921, since that it has become the largest company in transit industry.  You can check the road maps, areas and timing details of particular buses, streetcars, subways etc on the website of Toronto Transit Commission. Related link are already published in below details section.

TTC provides pass facility to the people who are regular travelers. They give daily pass, metro pass, and weekly pass and many others to residents of Toronto. Those who want to know the charges of people of different age groups can check these details on the website of Toronto Transit Commission (Website link below).

You can also book tickets online from the location you want to travel to the destination place. If you have questions about the security of Toronto Transit Commission and lost articles then you can contact the team or visit their particular links. All the services alerts are published by the supporting team on the website of Toronto Transit Commission. Visit their website for further details.

This public transport companies has many customers who travels on regular basis. Some customers of Toronto Transit Commission have questions in their mind like how to contact the customer-supporting department of Toronto Transit Commission, what is the Toronto Transit Commission phone number, what is TTC customer service phone number, what is TTC email ID, how to visit the head office of Toronto Transit Commission, how to book online tickets in TTC, What are TTC timing details or any other. In the form of links and direct details, you will receive all the answers of listed questions.

Toronto Transit Commission Customer Support Contact Details
Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit Commission Customer Support Address:  N/A

Toronto Transit Commission Customer Support Contact Number: 416-393-3030, 416-393-4636

Toronto Transit Commission Customer Support Email ID: wtcs@ttc.ca, media@ttc.ca

Customer service centre contact details of Toronto Transit Commission are listed above. There are also other departments for contacting whose details you will receive in contact link.

Toronto Transit Commission Head Office Contact Details

Toronto Transit Commission Head Office Address: 1900 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z2, Canada

Toronto Transit Commission Head Office Contact Number: 416-393-3030, +1 866-642-9882

Toronto Transit Commission Head Office Email ID: N/A

Toronto Transit Commission Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

Head office of Toronto Transit Commission is located on given address of Toronto. You can contact the official staff or superiors of TTC on listed details.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 7 am- 10 pm

Saturday: 7 am- 10 pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

Timings details are different from department to department. Above timings are customer service centre timings.

Official Website: www.ttc.ca/index.jsp

Toronto Transit Commission has official website whose address is listed here. You can visit their website and check the buses timings, prices details, road maps, pass details, lost article and other services details there.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/TorontoTransitCommission

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/TTCnotices

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/ttc

Google+ Profile:  N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/ttcinsta

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/OfficialTTCchannel

All the latest updates of holidays, timings, schedules and others are posted on these handles. Interested one can follow these profiles of Toronto Transit Commission.

Important Links

FAQ Section: ttc.ca/Riding_the_TTC/Frequently_Asked_Questions/index.jsp

If you have any question regarding lost materials, travelling charges, pass details or booking, then you can find your solution on the FAQ page of Toronto Transit Commission.

Careers:  ttc.ca/Jobs/index.jsp

As we know TTC is a public company, then if you are willing to join their team, then you can check these details on the career link of Toronto Transit Commission.

Contact us: ttc.ca/Contact_Us/index.jsp

Here in this contact page, you will get phone number of each department of Toronto Transit Commission with its opening and closing timings.


Telus is a well-known telecommunications company of Canada. This public industry was founded in 1990 at Alberta, Canada. It is a Canada based telecommunication industry that provides number of products and services to its customers. Telus communications has now known golablly. Within the working years, this group has made its presence in various countries. But its registered head office is situated at Vancouver, Canada.

Telus communications offers various products to its customers. These products are mobile phones, tablets, wireless home phones etc. in the services category, various plans, prepaid, sim cards, add on and apps, network and coverage services are listed. Opik TV category includes channels, hardware, combos, apps, 4K HDR, HDR, on demand and many more. You can check these details under the ‘Shop’ category available on the website of Telus communications.

This communications company also provides WI-FI services, internet services such as mobile internet and various data plans. Other services that are offered by Telus communications are satellite TV, Pure fibre plans, communities etc. Telus communications also have its own personal app available on Google play store and iphone store. All the related links of these details are shared in below important links section.

People who are availing the services of Telus communications and have some questions or face any problem can discuss the issue with the supporting department of Telus communications. You can contact the customer service centre on Telus communications customer service phone number, Telus communications toll free numbers, Telus communications customer service email ID. if you have details that you want to discuss with the official staff of Telus communications then the given head office details will help you that includes Telus communications head office address, head office phone number, Telus email ID etc. Find useful links of Telus communications in below details.

Telus communications Customer Support Contact Details
Telus communications

Telus communications Customer Support Address: N/A

Telus communications Customer Support Contact Number

Mobility: 1-866-558-2273

Internet, TV, Home phone: 1-888-811-2323

Smart Home Security: 1-855-255-8828

Telus communications Customer Support Email ID: corporate.secretary@telus.com

All the supporting phone numbers of Telus communications are given above. You can call the concerned department according to your queries.

Telus communications Head Office Contact Details

Telus communications Head Office Address: 510 W. Georgia St. 23rd Floor Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0M3

Telus communications Head Office Contact Number: 604 697-8044

Telus communications Head Office Email ID: corporate.secretary@telus.com

Telus communications Head Office Fax Number: 604 899-1289

Head office of Telus communications is situated at Columbia, Canada. If you want to meet the officials of Telus communications, then visit the on listed address or call the officials.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 10pm

Saturday: 9am – 8pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays: 9am – 8pm

Opening and closing timing details of Telus communications are given here. You can contact the customer service or visit the head office in between these hours.

Official Website: www.telus.com/en

Telus communications has its own website whose link is shared above. If you want to know more details of their stores, products, services or any other, then visit this link.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/telus

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/TELUSsupport

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/telus/?originalSubdomain=in

Google+ Profile:  N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest:  N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel:  N/A

Al the listed handles belong to Telus communications you can follow these handles to stay tuned by their team.

Important Links

Find a Store: telus.com/en/bc/resources/stores/?linktype=footer

For locating the nearby stores of Telus communications in your area, this link will help you. Use the shared link for visiting their stores.

FAQ Section: telus.com/content/help/internet-support/faq.jsp?id=internet-faq

Answers of genral queries of customers of Telus communications are already published on the FAQ page. You can use this link for finding your solutions.

Careers: telus.com/en/bc/careers/?linktype=footer

Seekers interested in Telus communications can find vacant job details on the career page of Telus communications all the job vacancy details are regularly published by them.

Contact us: telus.com/en/bc/support/contact-us?linktype=footer

For other contact details of Telus communications, you have to visit the contact us link. It will redirect you to their official website.


Algoma is a leading Canadian steel manufacturing company. It was named on a district name of Canada. It is the largest steel industry of Canada. Algoma group is also on oldest group in the field of steel industry. It is more than 100 years, since this group started working. They produce various steel sheets and products. They supply products to different industries.

Algoma is a very common name of Canada in the steel industry. It is considered as the largest steel production company that offers its manufactured sheets and plates to various industries such as construction, automotives, defense, energy and various other manufacturing sectors. You can check the policies, history and company’s working details on the website of Algoma.

They manufacture huge range of steels items and sheets. These products include hot and cold rolled steel sheets and plate items. In the above paragraph we have already shared the details of industries to which Algoma supply its products. Main fact of this manufacturing industry is the quality of the products they offered. They offer the best quality of steels that helps in continuing the business with such a pride.

Algoma is a large group of steel, so it is obvious that 8t has many customers. Some of the customers have questions in their mind that they want to share with the customer service department. For the sake of Algoma’s customers, we have shared all the details that you are searching. You call the customer service on given Algoma customer service phone number or mail them on Algoma customer service email ID. You can also contact the officials on Algoma head office phone number and email ID. If you want to visit their office then given Algoma head office address will help you to locate them. Check other useful details of this company also in the below section.

Algoma Customer Support Contact Details

Algoma Customer Support Address: N/A

Algoma Customer Support Contact Number: 1-705-945-2351

Algoma Customer Support Email ID: N/A

Customers can contact on given phone numbers and ask any question. Algoma customer service department will help you in solving your queries.

Algoma Head Office Contact Details

Algoma Head Office Address: 105 West Street Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada P6A 7B4

Algoma Head Office Contact Number: 1-705-945-2351

Algoma Head Office Email ID: N/A

Algoma Head Office Fax Number: 1-705-945-2203

If you didn’t get any response from the service centre then you can contact the officials and make complaints about it. Listed details will help you to contact officials of Algoma.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: N/A

Saturday: N/A

Sunday & Bank Holidays: N/A

Opening and closing timing details of Algoma is not available. You can get these details by contacting the customer service department.

Official Website: www.algoma.com

Customers can log in on the official website of Algoma. The link we have posted above will lead you to there. Check further details of products and industries served by Algoma.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: N/A

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Algoma1901

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/essar-steel-algoma

Google+ Profile:  N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: N/A

Algoma is available on twitter and LinkedIn handles. You check the tweets of Algoma on the listed profile. Follow them if you want to stay updated by their team.

Important Links

FAQ Section: N/A

Kindly use the customer service contact details for any kind of help. FAQ service is not provided by Algoma.

Careers: algoma.com/careers

Interested ones can get the vacant job details on the shared career page of Algoma. Visit the link to explore more details.

Contact us: algoma.com/contact-us

Other sales department contact details of Algoma are listed on the shared page. You will also receive a contact form in which you can send your queries to their team.


CBIC is a commercial bank of Canada that provides various financial services all over the country. CBIC refers to Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. This bank was founded in the year 1961 and headquartered at Ontario, Canada. CBIC group has various subsidiaries in different countries also. This banking institute provides various financial services, banking services and many facilities to its customers.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is an institute that provides various financial services such as lending money on credits, different types of loans, business loans, and student’s line of credits. They also provide mortgage services for homebuyers, property purchasers etc. you can get mortgage fixed rates, variable rates on the website of CBIC. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce also allows its customers to make investments in different securities such as mutual funds, portfolio solutions, retirement planning etc.

Other banking services provided by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce are insurance. These includes travel insurances, creditor insurances etc. You can open savings account, current account in any branch of CBIC. You will get related links in important links section. Along with the financial and other banking services, CBIC also offers some facilities such as online banking, ATM facility, credit cards services etc. you will be able to transfer your money via global money transfer, cross border banking etc.

We have posted financial services, banking services and facilities that are provided by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. If you find any problem with their service or have any complaints regarding your accounts, investments or insurance, then use the CBIC customer care contact details. You can also contact the headquarters of CBIC. In the below details you will get CBIC customer support phone number, CBIC customer service email ID, CBIC customer service fax number, CBIC head office address, CBIC head office phone number, CBIC head office email ID, CBIC head office fax number. Get other CBIC links in below details.

CBIC Customer Support Contact Details

CBIC Customer Support Address: P.O. Box 15, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 1A2

CBIC Customer Support Contact Number

Department Canada Phone Number Other Countries
General Queries 18004652422 18883372422
Lost, Stolen Card 18006634575 15148619898
Travel Emergency 18008488454 14163407124
Suspicious Activity 18004652422 19024202422
Mobile Banking Support 18774331902 N/A
Credit Card Services 18004654653 N/A


CBIC Customer Support Email ID: N/A

Clients are handled by the customer supporting team of CBIC. You can call the concerned department as per your queries.

CBIC Head Office Contact Details

CBIC Head Office Address: Commerce Court Toronto, ON M5L 1A2

CBIC Head Office Contact Number: 416-980-2211

CBIC Head Office Email ID: N/A

CBIC Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

Visit the headquarters of CBIC with the help of above listed details. All of your queries are solved by customer supporting team. For important matters, contact officials.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 7:30 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Customer service of CBIC is given in between these hours. You can avail these services in listed timings only.

Official Website: www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking.html

Login to your account on the website of CBIC. There you can perform online banking tasks. Check financial services, personal banking, commercial banking, business banking on their official website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/CIBC

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/cibc

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/cibc

Google+ Profile:  N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/cibcnow/?hl=en

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/CIBCVideos

Follow the handles that are listed above. All these profiles are operated by the supporting team of CBIC. Get updates from their team.

Important Links

Branch Locator: locations.cibc.com/?locale=en_CA

You can locate the branches of CBIC with the help of listed link. There are number of branches and ATM machine of CBIC set up at different locations.

FAQ Section: cibc.com/ca/faq/index.html

You can search answers of your queries on shared FAQ page of CBIC. All the supporting answers are already published there.

Careers: cibc.com/en/about-cibc/careers.html

Get job related details on the shared career page of CBIC. Interested ones may find jobs in this sector.

Contact us: cibc.com/en/about-cibc/contact-us.html

For more contact details of different branches, departments, international or locator any other visit the contact page of CBIC.


Recruiting in Motion is a staffing solution of Canada, which helps the seekers to meet the jobs that they are looking for. In earlier days, it is difficult to find jobs, as we have to go to different offices and submit resumes there. But now with the change in technology, everything is going online. Recruiting in Motion is an online employment solution company of Canada.

Recruiting in Motion comes into existence in 2009 with the motive of providing employment services all over the nation. This company works as a connector. They provide services to both job seekers and employers. One is looking for jobs while the other is looking for employees. You can search jobs in any field or area with the help of Recruiting in Motion website.

On the platform of Recruiting in Motion, one will get the job that is offered by other. Job seekers can post there resume on the other hand employers can advertise their jobs and attract deserved candidates. Industries in which jobs are offered to its customers are banking and finance, administrative, accounting, information technology, operations, sales marketing, legal, human resource etc. Visit the website of Recruiting in Motion and find jobs.

Here you will get Recruiting in Motion customer care contact details and Recruiting in Motion head office contact details section. After these details you will get Recruiting in Motion official website link, social media profile links and other useful links of their website such as Recruiting in Motion career, Recruiting in Motion contact, Recruiting in Motion FAQ links. Contact details include Recruiting in Motion phone number, Recruiting in Motion email ID, Recruiting in Motion office address, Recruiting in Motion fax number etc.

Recruiting in Motion Customer Support Contact Details
Recruiting in Motion

Recruiting in Motion Customer Support Address: N/A

Recruiting in Motion Customer Support Contact Number

Office Phone number
Kitchener Waterloo (Cambridge) 905-627-0777
Mississauga 905-863-6636
North York 416-633-9200
North Toronto 416-639-2094
Oakville Burlington 905-863-6428
Ottawa   613-627-0777
Toronto 416-800-0367
Vancouver 604-639-1222
Vancouver (Delta) 604-262-2054


Recruiting in Motion Customer Support Email ID: info@recruitinginmotion.com

Contact any office of Recruiting in Motion using listed phone number or email ID. For further contact details of different branches, use the contact page given at the end of the article.

Recruiting in Motion Head Office Contact Details

Recruiting in Motion Head Office Address: 2 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 2000 North York, Ontario M2N 5Y7

Recruiting in Motion Head Office Contact Number: 416-633-9200

Recruiting in Motion Head Office Email ID: info@recruitinginmotion.com

Recruiting in Motion Head Office Fax Number: 647-258-5474

Corporate head office of Recruiting in Motion is situated at north York, Ontario. Contact the higher authority for any major discussions or matters.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Visit the head office of Recruiting in Motion in the listed timings only. Afterwards, there will be no response from their team.

Official Website: recruitinginmotion.com

Use this link and visit the official website of Recruiting in Motion. You will be able to find jobs in different locations in United Kingdom.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/recruitinginmotion

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/recruit_motion

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/recruiting-in-motion

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/103040556862280788233/posts

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/recruitingmotion

Subscribe Recruiting in Motion on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. All the pages are updated by their supporting staff.

Important Links

FAQ Section: N/A

For any kind of help, use the above customer care section and get help from their team. There is no particular page of FAQ on the website of Recruiting in Motion.

Careers: recruitinginmotion.com/internal-employement-opportunities

Find internal jobs in Recruiting in Motion and join their team by getting details from the shared career page.

Contact us: recruitinginmotion.com/recruiting-agency

For other office and branch details of Recruiting in Motion, use the above link. There you will get each department’s phone number, address, email ID etc.


Canada is one of the top touring destinations for thrill-seeking youngsters as well as one of the best countries to roam freely. The country offers a lot of activities as well as places catering to the needs of almost every age group. Of course, travelling is incomplete without proper accommodation. There are many large travel companies and groups that run hotel and resort chains for the benefit of these travellers. Banff Lodging Company is one of those prestigious companies in Canada.

The company was founded way back in the year 1985 by Wilm Pauw and belongs to the hospitality industry. Banff Lodging Company is headquartered in Banff, Alberta and mainly operates in the region of Banff National Park. The group started with commercial buildings and then led into hospitality by opening a hotel & restaurant in the year 1993 by the names The Banff Caribou Lodge and The Keg respectively.

Various properties owned and managed by the company include the likes of Caribou Corner Mall, Wolf & Bear Street Mall, Town Centre Mall, Chustas Mall, Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa, Bumper’s Inn, Hidden Ridge Resort, Moose hotel & Suites, Fox Hotel & Suites, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The Meatball Pizza & Pasta, Chilli’s Grill & Restaurant, Alpha Bistro, Pacini, Lux Theatre, Red Earth Spa, Meadow Spa & Pools, and much more. To know more about the information about Bonff Lodging Company, the customers can use the link named “More Info” on the home page of this company.

Here in this article, you will find the answers to certain questions that our users have been asking like what are the office contact details of Banff Lodging Company, what is the phone number of Banff Lodging Company, what is the office address of Banff Lodging Company, what is the fax number of Banff Lodging Company, what is the official website of Banff Lodging Company, what are the official social profiles of Banff Lodging Company, and much more. We have also tried to provide some important links to their website at the end of this article in order to help out our users.

Banff Lodging Company Office Contact Details

Bonff Lodging Logo
Banff Lodging Company Office Address: 
229 Suite 300 Bear Street, PO Box 1070, Banff, Ab, T1L 1H8, Canada

Banff Lodging Company Office Phone Number: (403) 762-2642 & 1 (800) 563-8764 (Toll free)

Banff Lodging Company Office Email Id: reservations@bestofbanff.com

Banff Lodging Company Office Fax Number: n/a

These are the official office contact details of the company. You can use them to have answers to your various queries.

Supporting Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Official Website: bestofbanff.com

This is the link to their official website. You can use it to know more about the accommodation group and also about the various properties they own.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: n/a

Twitter Handle: n/a

Instagram Handle: n/a

YouTube Channel: n/a

LinkedIn Profile: n/a

The company does not have any official accounts on any of the social media platforms. We suggest you use the office contact details to get in touch with them.

Important Links

Properties Contacts: bestofbanff.com/contact-us
If you want to have a look at the contact details and addresses of the various properties they operate, click on the link above.

Careers: bestofbanff.com/career
If you want to pursue your career with the company, click on the link mentioned above.


Kerr Construction is a leading construction and designing company. This group is a multinational group that has its presence in various major countries worldwide. Kerr Construction, as the name suggests is a construction company that builds a beautiful houses and buildings across the nation and develops the infrastructure of country. All the staff is filled with professionals, experts and well experienced members.

Kerr Construction builds a home of your choice. Home is a place where everyone relaxes and spends most of time. Every person has a dream home. So Kerr Construction helps in building and constructions those dream houses. According to Kerr Construction, communication is a way that helps in understanding what other people want. So this company allows you to come forward and share their ideas and views with their team.

Services that are performed by Kerr Construction are home renovations, new home construction, home additions, custom homebuilder and design building services. You can check the current projects and past projects on the website of Kerr Construction. All the images of houses that are renovated, or build by them are available on their site.

People who want to build their dream houses can contact the Kerr Construction Company and make contract with them. They provide you the best communication and customer services to share your views freely. Now some customers have questions in their mind like how to contact Kerr Construction, what are the customer service contact details of Kerr Construction, what is phone number of Kerr Construction, what is the head office address of Kerr Construction, what is Kerr Construction email ID, what is Kerr Construction fax number etc. Find all these answers in below details.

Kerr Construction Customer Support Contact Details
Kerr Construction

Kerr Construction Customer Support Address: N/A

Kerr Construction Customer Support Contact Number: +1-604-263-0343

Kerr Construction Customer Support Email ID: info@kerrconstruction.ca

Queries are heard and solved by the supporting staff of Kerr Construction. You can either call them or mail your queries to them.

Kerr Construction Head Office Contact Details

Kerr Construction Head Office Address: 1676 W. 75th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6P 6G2 Canada

Kerr Construction Head Office Contact Number: +1-604-263-0343

Kerr Construction Head Office Email ID: info@kerrconstruction.ca

Kerr Construction Head Office Fax Number: N/A

Above section includes Kerr Construction address, phone number, email ID etc. You can contact the officials of Kerr Construction using these details.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

Supporting hours of Kerr Construction are listed above. You can visit their office between Mondays to Friday. On other days, these services are not provided.

Official Website: kerrconstruction.ca

You can check the portfolio details, services details and other policies of Kerr Construction on their listed website. Get other details about this industry by following this link.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/KerrConstruction/?ref=ts

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Kerr_Construct

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/kerrconstruction

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/u/0/+KerrconstructionCadesignbuild

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: in.pinterest.com/kerrconstruct

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/kerrconstruction

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/KerrConstructionCa

Follow all the social media profiles of Kerr Construction in order to be updated by Kerr Construction. Subscribe these channels for future updates.

Important Links

FAQ Section: N/A

Use customer service contact details of Kerr Construction and get every solution of your queries from their team.

Careers: N/A

There is official career page of Kerr Construction available on their website. You can contact officials for these derails.

Contact us: kerrconstruction.ca/contact

Get other departmental contact details of Kerr Construction with the help of posted link.